11th May 2008
I won't be on here long because it's insanely hot and sunny outside and any Brit worth his salt will seize this opportunity with desperate glee, but I thought it'd be worth updating quickly to say: thank you, oh loyal followers, for continuing to post on my forums and such during my total disappearance. The reason for my absence? College work.

See, I'm a final-year student and I've been so insanely busy that projects like the Hive that require excesses of time to do (as updates generally consist of elaborate remixes, videos, cunningly-written bits of text, and so on) have simply been pushed onto the back burner. Half of the reason for my update today is to say "fear ye not, Banjo-lovers, for my return is nigh!" Which is an over-dramatised way of saying that my Final Major Project at college will be handed in on May 20th - meaning that in a couple of weeks I'll be free as a bird to update the Hive in any way I see fit, finally. I can't thank everyone enough for their patience, and I hope you don't think I'm bored with Banjo or the Hive, 'cause that ain't the case.

The other half of today's update is to regurgitate some half-baked BK3 news in dutiful fashion. Scribes has been updated with some more puny scraps of info, such as the promise of returning roles for Tiptup and Weldar, as well as the exciting news that Conker and Jet Force Gemini's excellent musician Robin Beanland will be joining series stalwart Grant Kirkhope to bash out the orchestrated (yes! They've confirmed it!) soundtrack. I'm hoping the new tunes will sound somewhere between the classic Banjo and Conker approaches to catchy level music, as I love both of them so much it hurts).

I also hear that there's an upcoming date in the next week or so on which the beans concerning BK3 will finally and definitively be spilt, although I've heard conflicting theories about what the date precisely is. Rest assured, though, that when them beans is spilt, I'll have all the info right here. I promise!


22nd March 2008
It's Easter weekend! Have a totally pointless, slightly cruddy new YouTube video!


20th March 2008
Small news update - Rare have launched the official Banjo website, although there's nothing on it yet save for a spinning Jiggy animation. Interestingly, the game's title on the website is simply Banjo-Kazooie - have they still not come up with a title, or are they just sticking with that??

IGN, by the way, are rumour-mongering and claiming that the site's source code suggests that the game might be released for Windows and XBox 360. I would like to go on record as saying that I think this is complete cobblers. It'd be nice, though.


18th February 2008
Cripes, I'm a little bit tardy with this one, but bear with me - two news items have surfaced in the last week worthy of attention. First of all, our friend Mr. Kelion at Rare pointed my attention toward this item concerning BK3's release date. "Holiday season," eh? I know what I'll be putting on my Christmas list, and I've been told to say that "Shane Kim does not lie." Not that I was accusing him of lying, but that seems to be Rare's official line that they're handing out to anyone who asks.

Also, we've been graced with a new Scribes that dangles several more tantalising snippets of info in front of our noses... the most intriguing of which must be that both Mad Monster Mansion and the big snowman from Freezeezy Peak are set to return, along with series regular Loggo. It's a good read, have a shufty! I'm also intrigued that the game is apparently now due out in 10 months and there's still no sign of a proper title - I asked Rare about it, and they refused to be drawn on the subject, saying only "Well, we haven't told anybody what the name will be, if that's what you mean." I don't know how much to read into that statement, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


31st December 2007
Heyo folks, didja have a good Christmas? If you didn't, you will now! Gregg Mayles has answered fourteen questions on the Rare Witch boards about what we can look forward to in BK3. So here you go, here's part one and part two of his answers. Let the head-scratchin' commence!

Have a happy New Year, Banjo peoples!


21st December 2007
Typical - the one bloody day of the year when I'm actually not at my computer because I'm hob-nobbing at one of those posh restaurants of the sort where they disguise the appalling quality of the food by giving you tiny portions and charging you seven times as much for them, is the day that Rare have selected as being a golden opportunity to drop some Banjo news on us. Yes, that's right - I am indeed typing this as a flock of pigs circle overhead.

Scribes was updated yesterday (although oddly enough it hasn't been listed in the updates... perhaps they're planning to spring it on us later) with various hinty comments on the subject of BK3... it does actually sound very, very intriguing. Damn you, Rare! And what's more, to save us all the bother of having to read the whole newsletter ourselves, bottles98 of our forum has very kindly picked out and highlighted all the interesting bits for us. Cheers, bottles! You're a star.

Also, Rare have even been nice enough to give all of us a luvverly Piñata- and Banjo-themed Christmas card. Check out the Grunty references! (What is that thing Banjo's holding? Is it a VP object, or something unknown? I sadly never experienced Rare's paper animal extravaganza, so if the Viva Piñata-lovers out there could drop me a line on this, I'd muchly appreciate it).

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have fantastic holidays and a cool New Year.

EDIT: bottles, are you out to make me look bad? Seems there's yet another news item that's passed me by entirely - Gregg Mayles, the head of the Banjo team and Creative Director at Rare is answering questions from fans on The Rare Witch Project as a special Christmas treat. What an amazing opportunity! Merry Christmas to you Gregg, very kind of you to give us all the personal treatment.


12th November 2007
You know a game's prospects are getting desperately grim when the best news anyone can find to report is that its development hasn't, in fact, been canned. Wow, with all this top-notch hype, how could anybody fail to be totally pumped for B3? I wonder what tomorrow's headlines will be?

In news (I was going to say "in other news," but then I realised that an announcement that nothing has changed at all doesn't constitute news in the slightest, so the following is the only news for the day): BT Hive has a new affiliate in the shape of Roysten's Fishbowl, the self-confessed "foolishly-titled" gathering of Banjo funstuffs (they were going to be the foolishly-written site, but then they realised that BT Hive already filled that niche, sorry guys). Anyway, thems rock, so go have a peek! They'll love you for it.


27th October 2007
My employer unexpectedly gave me the night off work, so I've used the time selflessly to nail together a long-overdue SubScribes update. See how good I am to you? That's time I could have spent loafing, that is.


24th October 2007
Got a new addition to our collection of Remixes today, courtesy of an old friend of BT Hive. It's a remix of Glitter Gulch Mine done in retro Kirby game style, and it's insanely catchy. Go have a listen!

Cheers, Fruity. Wow, me posting your remixes... it's almost like The Good Old DaysTM. (Except in those days we didn't have all this newfangled 'empy-free' technology, did we? It was all us banging boards together and clapping and singing. Ahhh, those were the days. They don't make them like that any more!)



22nd October 2007
It's hard to believe, but the torrent of quality hype coming out of Twycross shows no signs of abating.



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